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Do You Give Money to Your Alma Mater?

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Since almost a third of charitable contributions happen in December, it’s no wonder our mailboxes and inboxes are full of pleas this holiday season. I get it. I’ve served on nonprofit boards in the past, and I know first hand how much end of year donations mean for next year’s funding. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have the ability to give back to a variety of organizations, but one place I’ve never given a penny to is the universities I’ve attended. Do you give money to your Alma Mater? I have no issue with either of the higher education institutions that educated me and laid the foundation for my career. My undergraduate work was at Western Kentucky University, a medium sized, state school that is actually in the south central part of Kentucky. Western was kind enough to give me a full ride through college which allowed me to come out of undergrad debt free. Southern College of Optometry traded a doctorate degree in exchange for $60,000 in student loans. I actually don’t regret borrowing that money, although I probably could have gotten by on less. Obviously, SCO prepares students pretty well because they have had a zero ...

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Practical Holiday Gifts

practical holiday gifts for everyone

I’ve mentioned many times in the past that I don’t especially enjoy giving or receiving gifts in most situations. I always appreciate gifts given for the right reasons, but sadly, most of the time, we feel the need to buy things for others out of obligation and we often spend too much. Right now is prime gift season, and since I’m not ready to be a total Scrooge, here are my best ideas for practical holiday gifts. Health Related Gifts Being in the medical field, I think giving practical holiday gifts that improve overall health and well being are fantastic. While giving a gift certificate to the dentist or eye doctor might not be mainstream, I can speak from experience that people who receive those are ecstatic. After all, who enjoys paying for contacts or teeth cleanings? Also, instead of giving cookies or fattening treats this season, why not help someone get healthy? Of course you don’t want to offend by making loved ones think they are out of shape or unattractive, but you probably have a gut feeling about who would be receptive to this sort of gift. There are tons of health related possibilities. Glasses (regular, computer, or ...

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