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Home Report FAQs for Buying a Property in Scotland

home reports for buying property in Scotland

If you are intending on buying a property in Scotland, you will be able to ask the seller to provide a copy of their home report. The home report is a legal requirement in most circumstances, where the seller must pay to compile specific information which will help a buyer to confirm whether they wish to proceed with the purchase based on what the report says about the condition, energy efficiency and value of a property. A home report is compiled using home surveyor services in Greenock or in the area where the intended purchase property is located. There are often a number of questions that buyers will want to ask about the report and its contents, so here are some of the most frequently asked queries. How is the home report compiled? The most obvious question that most buyers want to know is what information will be contained in a home report and how it is presented to them. The home report is an important document that is a legal requirement for most sellers to produce before they can sell their home and there are three key elements within the report itself. The first part is a single survey. ...

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