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It’s Fun to Stay at the YMCA-Gift Exchange Reveal

December can be such a fun month. I’ve enjoyed all the different blogger movements, and the Frugal  Portland Gift Exchange did not disappoint. Thanks to the lovely Kathleen for putting this together. I drew the name of Catherine from Plunged in Debt. For her gift, she received a wine bottle candelabra and wine glass markers with a corkscrew. I thought this was a wonderful gift for her, except after I mailed it, I second guessed my memory. I thought I had read that she was a red wine enthusiast, but maybe I got that mixed up with someone else. If it turns out she doesn’t drink, won’t I feel silly? However, she will have some great items to re-gift. When my gift arrived, I really had sort of forgotten and thought it was one of the neighbor’s packages dropped off by mistake. They keep UPS in business, so we get strays delivered to hour house on occasion. This box had my name on it, though, so I ripped it open to find……… This headdress, very similar to the one I wore when I made a fool of myself sang YMCA as one of the village people while under hypnosis. I ...

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The Sandman, Hypnosis, and The Village People

Since you, my loyal readers, have already gotten two financial posts here and and guest posts at Club Thrifty and Unique Gifter this week, I am going to give you a funny story from my past that has absolutely nothing to do with money. We are all born with special gifts. Some of us have artistic or athletic talents. Some are good with numbers. Some of us have rather unique skills that really don’t benefit us except for providing amusment to others. I apparently have the gift of being an easy person to hypnotize, and I found that out in a very public way. When I was in optometry school in Memphis, I went out with a group of friends one evening to celebrate someone’s birthday. We decided to go to the stand -up comedy club to see The Sandman, a hypnotist. At the time, I didn’t believe in hypnosis. I was a science major and a rational person. It just didn’t make sense to me, and I thought people who were supposedly under hypnosis were faking it. This was comedy, though, so it should be good for a laugh, even if it was all fake. When it was time for the show, this tall, ...

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