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6 Inspiring Careers that Make a Difference

Careers that make a difference for women

Sometimes, just paying the bills isn’t enough. Every day, people make big career shifts that lead them into lines of work that are based as much on making a real impact on the world as on personal fulfilment and financial security. It’s never too late to learn what it takes to change jobs and change lives at the same time. Here is a glimpse of six inspiring careers and some of the people who changed their lives and the world around them by making the jump. 1. Grant Writer Non-profit organizations of every kind rely on many sources of funding to succeed in their missions. In addition to taking donations and running fundraising events, most NPOs depend on grants from government, education and private institutions. It is a grant writer’s job to pursue these funds and articulate in great detail why the organization deserves financial support. For those in possession of strong writing skills and a desire to do good, becoming a certified grant writer is an excellent career choice. Public health is one industry that requires the help of grant writers to assist these organizations in securing funds to implement their health programs. Those who are interested in getting involved ...

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