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Taking a Year Off to Travel the World

With the end of summer fast approaching, I’m a bit melancholy about getting back into the routine of school and work. My work schedule is pretty much the same year round. I am to a point where I need to work a set number of days per month, but I can arrange those to suit my schedule for the most part. My husband and daughter have been off all summer, and we’ve had some great adventures. It makes me sad to think that we have to wait until next spring for the chance of another vacation. Maybe two trips a year is not enough. There is so much of the world that I have not seen. I wonder if we’d ever be able to take a year off to travel the world?¬†There are several things I’d have to study and consider. Money-We’d certainly have to save a ton of money to take a year off work. We would likely have to open an easy to use international bank account if we wanted to travel abroad. I would also have to learn about currencies and the best places to visit based on the exchange rates.¬†

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