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Why People With Pension Jobs Still Need To Invest For Retirement

investing when you have a pension

Back in the day, workers could count on putting in 20-30 years on the job and scoring the coveted gold watch AND a lifetime pension. Sure you might be too old and broken down to enjoy it, but by golly, there was a check every month. With that sort of guarantee, there was really no need to save for retirement. Nowadays, pension eligible jobs are few and far between, but if you can score a position with the federal, state or some municipal governments, pensions do still exist. Does that mean people with government jobs don’t have to worry about their golden years? Maybe, but I believe even employees with pension jobs still need to invest for retirement. How Do I Get A Pension Job? Well, it’s fairly simple. You’ll need to become a teacher, police officer, sanitation worker, or one of the roughly 21 million government employees in the United States. You could also join the military and put in the the years to get a pension if you don’t get blown up or become discharged due to PTSD. I think lots of people assume pension eligible jobs are low paying, but that’s not the case. I know doctors, ...

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