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Investing Made Easy With Betterment

Investment returns with Betterment

It’s been two years since I started investing with Betterment, and I feel their service is ever better now than when I started. I love a company that makes investing easy and adds benefits and features without increasing costs. For beginning investors or those who are too busy to research and rebalance, investing is made easy with Betterment. Why We Invest Outside of our 401(k) You can read about my first year of investing with Betterment here, but basically, the reason we put money into a non-tax advantaged account is for flexibility. Jim and I plan to retire before age 59.5 and might need to withdraw funds before our tax advantaged accounts are eligible for penalty free withdrawals. \ We have an emergency fund in a regular savings account, but it’s nice to have some of our liquid money earning interest. While we plan to let this money grow for many more years, we could withdraw it for a good business opportunity or to buy another rental property. If you have no investments, I would start out with a 401(k) if your work offers it and gives you any sort of a match. If you are investing outside of a ...

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