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What to do When the Boss Won’t Give You a Raise

ways to increase salary

While self employment and alternative work situations are on the rise, the majority of the work force still has a traditional employer/employee relationship. We all know that making more money is the real key to building wealth, so it makes sense that the easiest way for most people to bring in more income is by getting a raise. Maybe you’ve looked forward to your annual performance review or worked up the nerve to ask your supervisor for a salary increase, only to be shot down with lots of company mumbo jumbo that basically means you aren’t going to see a bigger paycheck. Don’t let this be discouraging. Here’s what to do when the boss won’t give you a raise. Why Aren’t You Getting a Raise? It’s important to understand why the boss won’t give you a raise. Is it because your company is not doing great financially? Maybe there is a present need to invest in business needs rather than employee salaries? Or are you not getting a raise because you are a mediocre employee? Showing up to be a place filler while you daydream and check sports scores on your phone all day doesn’t really make the cut for ...

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Leave My Job or Work Full Time?

freedom of self employment

I have a confession. As much as I say that I’m in favor of testing new waters and stepping outside my comfort zone, I’ve grown content with my current work situation. Aside from being independently wealthy, most ways to produce income aren’t perfect, but I have a pretty sweet setup. I work in three different optometry settings, two private, one government, and have lots of flexibility. While I average three office days per week, I do have the ability to take several weeks off in a row or take on extra days if I want to make more money. In all honesty, I would have probably kept the status quo until I was ready to leave the game for good. Life somehow has a way of tossing monkey wrenches into the best laid plans, and I’m afraid that’s my dilemma recently after I found out that my government job is going to be turned into a full time position. Now I’m faced with the choice to leave my job or work full time. Doesn’t Everyone Want a Sweet Government Job? This is not a completely negative development. Turning a 1099 contract position into a full time job with government benefits ...

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