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Do We Have to Have a Birthday Party?

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  I have a confession that I’m sure it’s hard for any parent to admit. I hate kids’ birthday parties. I don’t like hosting or attending them. One-Parents go nuts for their kid’s birthday, often spending way more than they have or should for one day that will likely not be remembered down the road.  Two– Feeding small children large amounts of sugar almost never turns out well.  Three– People feel they have to buy some sort of cheap gift so the birthday boy or girl can have a huge stack of presents that likely will get played with once or twice then get lost in the shuffle. Plus, the hosting family has to dole out take home gifts that really will break or get lost almost immediately.  Four– Most parties we attend these days have a pinata. Whoever decided that blindfolding the child hopped up on sugar and giving them a bat to swing was a good idea needs to be shot. Who Likes Birthday Parties? I can only remember having two birthday parties when I was a kid. My birthday is in January, and my Mom always said we coudn’t really plan anything because the weather might be ...

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My Worst Customer Service Experience Ever

Since I’m still out of town and really don’t want to be too serious on a Friday, I thought I’d share our experience from the birthday party we had for our six year old last week. We decided to have it at the bowling alley, mainly because I though it would be easy, and we’d have no cleanup. It’s funny now, but it was the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. I still swear it’s going to show up on Candid Camera somewhere. Birthday Plans Because we’ve wasted lots of money on birthday parties in the past, I am all about planning ahead these days. I called in early March to get information. I spoke to a gentleman at the bowling alley. He used complete sentences, and seemed to know what he was talking about. I asked if they had kids’ birthday parties. He told me they did, and it was $10 per kid, which included an hour of bowling, shoes, two slices of pizza, and soft drink. Sweet! I asked if there were certain times or days we could schedule. He said really anytime as long as it wasn’t league bowling, which were on two week days. I ...

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