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Should Parents Control Their Kids’ Money?

I don’t remember having much money as a kid. Aside from the tooth fairy and a few $5 bills I got for birthdays, income was pretty low. As a teenager, I got a part time job as soon as I could. I spent MY money on clothes, cassette tapes (yeah, I’m old), and all sorts of crap I’m sure I “needed” (a $30 Hypercolor t-shirt and some cool Ray Bans come to mind). My parents never gave me rules on what I could and could not buy (except for the obvious illegal things). If I earned it, I could spend it. It seemed like a good deal at the time, but now that I’m a Mom, I wonder if parents should control their kids’ money. How Much Money Should Kids Have? My parents or in-laws never did allowances, so Jim and I aren’t really into that. We think it’s not unreasonable for a kid to keep their stuff neat and be able to do some basic chores appropriate for their age without getting paid for it. If our daughter does something extra helpful or wants to sell her toys at a yard sale or consignment, she gets money for that. ...

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Help Me Spend $1100!

We had a pretty good year at work in 2012, which is great. When you have a business, you want to make money. However, that also means a bigger tax bill.  Because I’m not a fan of handing over money, I’m always on the lookout for legal ways to minimize taxes. I’d already maxed out my employer retirement plan. I put quite a bit into my HSA. It seems like I’ve already done several of the great suggestions Krantcents recently recommended. What else could I do? My accountant, who has an LL.M. in tax law,  suggested that we hire my daughter. Legally, you can hire kids when they are 7 years old to do basic tasks like filing or cleaning up. My daughter was only five. He told me to set up a photo shoot and use her pictures for advertising purposes. I could then pay her as a model. He said to think of child actors and models in Hollywood and how much they were paid for services. It was perfectly legal, and he said he would go to bat on that any day. Good enough for me.

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