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Don’t Leave Free Money on the Table

leaving free money on the table

We all like free things. Why else would people stand in line two hours for a free pancake? Sometimes wasting our precious time for things that return pennies on the dollar is not a smart idea, but what about legitimate free money being wasted or left on the table. Even if you’ve been guilty of not giving your money the attention it deserves, there is no time better than right now to make changes. Don’t Get Penalized for Being Late My daughter got her first quarter report card last week. I don’t expect perfect grades, but one area where I will insist on perfection is with turning in homework. Third graders get a letter grade on report cards for having their homework done on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s done neatly or correctly, it just has to be turned in when it’s due. I’m always blown away by how many students don’t turn in homework. Yes, I realize that some kids don’t have the stability at home to get any work done, but it’s not just the troubled kids who don’t turn in assignments. This is the easiest A anyone can ever get! I see this with adults as ...

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My Lack of Attention Cost Me Money in Fees!

Have you ever had one of those months when your brain seems to stop working, not just once, but over and over again. It’s kind of like when you’re late and then you get behind a school bus AND a tractor on your way to work. This past year I have been tireless in tracking our finances, especially since starting this blog in August. I don’t want to let any of you fabulous readers down. I know you seek me out each week to receive five star financial advice .However, I really blew it this month. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. Yes, I goofed and had to pay the price with four stupid fees. Because I have no shame, I’ll share my mistakes. Maybe it will remind you be more vigilant so that hidden fees don’t come after you.

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