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Legal Marijuana in Colorado: What’s It Cost To Get Stoned?

Welcome back loyal Eyes on the Dollar readers. I certainly enjoyed my time off. Now that it’s a new year, gifts have all been given,  the decorations are put away, and I can go buy some weed if I want. As of January 1st, the sale of marijuana for recreational use is legal in Colorado. Even in my younger days, I was never a pot smoker, so I have no intention of stocking up, but if you were in need of some wacky tobacky, how much does legal marijuana cost in Colorado? Supply vs Demand Just like with any other consumer product, so far, it seems that the cost of marijuana is following the law of supply vs demand. According to nbcnews.com, the state of Colorado has approved 348 licenses for retail pot sale. However, only about 3 dozen establishments have opened. It seems that the state is more than eager to get the tax dollars from all this legal weed, but local municipalities are not quite as excited. The state license means nothing if the local governments don’t want their downtowns  to become full of herb shops. As a result, the prices have been fluctuating since opening day. In ...

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