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6 Ways Bookworms Can Save Money

bookworms can save money

Reading is a great hobby to have. You can spend your free time traveling to other destinations, learning about other time periods, and more. But if you are a bookworm and like to read so much that you are going through several books in a short period of time, it can become an expensive habit. I used to be a big bookworm (before I took up blogging and freelance writing) and I often couldn’t walk out of a bookstore without spending at least $50. Luckily there are ways that bookworms can save money and still enjoy their favorite hobby. Use the Library The most obvious way bookworms can save money is by using the local library to check out books for free. You’ll be able to read all you want without paying a cent if you always return or renew your library books on time. Choose Carefully Whether you are purchasing a new book or a used book, read the prologue or the back cover first. If it is an E-book, you have the option to check the reviews and usually read a little about the book before you buy it. Spending a little bit of extra time to look it ...

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Ways to Save on Summer Entertaining

saving money on a staycation

Summer is prime vacation season, but if money is tight, there are tons of ways to save on summer entertaining without leaving home. Your family can take a “staycation” and enjoy the fun and interesting things to do in your own community. Staycations give families a chance to do those local activities you always talk about but never seem to find time to take advantage of because of busy schedules. Local Events Summer is prime time for county and city events and festivals. While some admission tickets can be pricey, there are often family nights or local discounts. Sometimes entrance can be had with donation of a canned food item! Look for free concerts, a demolition derby, or rodeos that provide hours of entertainment on the cheap. Explore Nature in Your Back Yard Whether in a rural or urban setting, most people aren’t too far from parks or trails. One of the best things about living in rural Colorado is the ability to be in the desert or mountains within a short period of time. Hiking, biking, fishing, and picnics are all cheap ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer. To score bonus points in creativity, set up a scavenger ...

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