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3 Inexpensive Ways to Reward Yourself this Holiday Period

    This year has been one to remember. Your life has changed, punctuated by brilliant successes, retrospective failures, and a few realizations that may still rock the boat of your self-concept as an individual or professional. The passing of another 365 days demands each and every moment be recognized and celebrated, and what better way to mark the events and non-events of the year than a dose of inexpensive self-love? You don’t need to splash out on an island holiday or the latest big screen TV, big ticket items (unless you’ve budgeted for them in the long term) won’t do much for your financial health. Instead savor the small things in life, the lingering flavors and long balmy nights, under a clear sky. Learn How to Relax   Imagine this…You, a few friends, the calming sounds of waves pounding an abandoned beach or spritely birds serenading you from the trees as you stretch to the sky and go through the motions of a new yoga ritual. Yoga and Tai Chi aren’t extreme sports or competitive. You won’t find many spectators chewing a hot dog on the sidelines or heckling participants, and that’s sort of the point. Taking a break ...

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