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Tips For Living Within Your Means…Painlessly!

This post is from Jerry Coffey at Repaid.org. Enjoy! Living within the confines of your income is the best way to keep yourself out of debt, or at least hold your debt to a manageable level. Now that I have written that down, everyone will magically be living within their means in the morning, right? Maybe in cloud cuckoo land. Here are a few tips that may help you find a way to live within your income and begin repaying some of your debt. Where Does It All Go? In order to live within your income, you have to know how much you make and what all of your expenses are. A good place to start is to know what all of your fixed expenses are. Fixed expenses are items that you cannot change immediately. Little nagging expenditures like rent/mortgage, car payments, etc. Subtract that amount from your income and you will know how much you have available to commit to your variable and discretionary expenses or pay down debt. Become a Tracker Not of wild game, but of your expenditures. This is the first step in forming an effective budget. We all have areas where we spend money them ...

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Would You Choose The Same Career Again?

would people choose the same career?

Now that I’ve hit the big 4-0, having that birthday has given me a chance to reflect back over the last couple of decades, especially with career and financial choices. Career is topic of conversation with friends around my own age. Recently, I was talking with a teacher friend of mine who has about the same number of years in education as Jim, meaning about half way through to pension eligibility. At this point, it makes no sense to leave her job or move somewhere else, but she is very convinced that if she knew then what she knows now, she would have never gone into education and cannot encourage young people into that career choice. For me and optometry, it depends on the day of the week you ask. Whether you are just starting out or about to finish, it makes sense to continually evaluate your career choice to make sure you’re making the best use of your time. Would you choose the same career again? Why Do People Choose a Certain Career Path? I’m sure there are a ton of variables, but in my opinion I think career choice is due to one of three reasons. 1)Your family ...

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