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Locked Out, Out of Gas, and a Date With Bubba

    Last Friday I wrote about how we’ve certainly had some blips on our driving record, but today I thought I’d share my most embarrassing car story ever. I’m not sure how it relates to personal finance, but there has to be some lesson on being prepared and not stretching yourself too thin. Anyway, think what you like, but I hope you enjoy the story. Watch Out for Grandpa! I believe it was the summer after my first year of optometry school. I decided to stay in Memphis because there were more job opportunites for the summer, and well, it was lots more fun than rural Kentucky. My Grandpa had backed over my car in the driveway while I was home for a visit, so it was being repaired. I was driving my sister’s car for a few weeks because she was living at home and didn’t really need it. I had a low wage job in the Walmart Vision Center. Life seemed much cheaper back then, but I guess I used student loan money to fund my lifestyle. I generally worked the noon to 9PM shift. I would usually sleep in a bit and go to the gym ...

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