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Pros and Cons of Being a Caregiver

It is always challenging when the health of a family member starts to fail. We were reminded of this when my husband’s grandmother fell and broke her hip recently. She lives out of town and in a house that is not very appropriate for a person with limited mobility. At this point, we are not sure what type of long term care she will need, but having a family member act as a caregiver is a likely scenario. If a relative decides to take on a caregiver role, there are many pros and cons to consider. Pros of Being a Caregiver Peace of Mind-This is your relative that has loved and taken care of you. There is a certain pride and honor in caring for a relative who helped you become the person you are, and your relatives will likely be happier receiving care from you rather than a stranger. You also know the standard of care that is being provided to your loved one. Less Expense-Being a caregiver for a relative would be much less expensive than hiring an outsider or paying for a long term care facility. Bonding-When we leave home, we are often determined to do our ...

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Who Pays For Long Term Care?

As I am rapidly approaching age 40, my though process on life and health has certainly changed from a couple of decades ago. While I still feel 25 on most days, you can’t argue with the calendar. Like it or not, I’m middle aged. With that label comes many questions about how to prepare for the coming years. Since I am a planner and don’t want my loved ones to have to make decisions for me, I am the type that has a will, life insurance, and an advanced directive that tells my family what I want to happen if I end up on life support. One question I haven’t really pondered is about the need for long term care insurance. We also have parents who are in their mid 60’s, so even if we aren’t ready to think about ourselves in a nursing home, it is a very real possibility for them. Should we be considering long term care insurance? What is Long Term Care? By long term care, I am talking about care needed if you can no longer feed and/or dress yourself of if you need help with basic personal hygeine and care. This can be from ...

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