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Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor

choosing and advisor for short and long term

If you choose to be a member of modern society, then personal finance will play a practical role throughout your entire life. This includes everything from life and auto insurance coverage to savings and retirement plans for all stages of life. A competent financial advisor can provide you with the necessary basis for establishing a financial plan that matches your individual goals and desires. Short Term Savings: Money for Now No matter the age, most clients should consult a personal financial advisor regarding the percentage of a portfolio that should be dedicated to short-term savings. This allocation should be matched with plans and goals that fit within a 1 to 3 year time period and includes home purchase, child’s wedding or small-business launch. Regardless of the goal, a personal financial advisor can provide the necessary guidance to establish a workable plan for achieving the savings goal. Long Term Investing: Money for the Golden Years Retirement is not something that will somehow magically take care of itself. Despite the benefits offered by many employers, retirement planning with the help of a professional advisor can be beneficial. Supplementing a 401(K) or a pension plan can help a client reach his or her ...

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