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How You Can Love Your Job To Age 70 And Beyond

people still working after the age of 70

Recently I’ve run across a slew of people who are over 70 years old and still work full time. To me that sounds worse than Chinese water torture, but by being nosy asking questions, I’ve confirmed what I suspected was true. Working because you want to is much more rewarding than working because you have to. I think work satisfaction depends on a number of factors, but from what I’ve found, this is how you can love your job to age 70 and beyond. Sense of Purpose When I ask people over 70 why they are still working, one theme rang true for the ones who actually love their jobs. They held positions that gave them a sense of purpose. Some were heads of their division and headed up projects that no one else knew how to do. A couple of others were in health care. If a job provides a valuable service or makes progress for something other than the company bottom line, that’s a huge bonus on the job satisfaction scale. Flexible Schedule or Lots of Time Off All the older individuals who loved their jobs had the ability to adjust their schedules or work from home. They ...

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