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Please Vote To Help My Business

I apologize for the shameless plea today, but I think you’ll agree this is for a good cause. I have applied for a business grant through Chase Mission Street Grants. My chances of getting it are probably a zillion to one, but they have to award them to somebody, and  I think our purpose is as noble as any. If I were to be awarded this grant, I would use it to re-establish my low income clinic. I started this program a few years ago with mixed results. It worked out great for a while, but then word spread, and I found out that everyone who didn’t have a job was showing up to get their “free glasses” whether they needed them or not. Basically, if I got a second chance, I would make things better. The selection process would be more strict, and it wouldn’t be based on income alone. Sometimes people making good money can’t afford health services, and sometimes people who make no money seem to have plenty to spend on booze and cigarettes, so there would be a long questionnaire and possibly an interview to weed out those trying to work the system. Since I’m not ...

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