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Having the Right People Managing Your Money

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There’s a stage in the development of financially-minded persons where money managers have to be brought into the story. The financial world is complex. This is very much an understatement. Many analysts have demonstrated that the markets of the world are far too complex for a single person to comprehend. As such, even the most studious and involved financial mind will miss opportunities and make mistakes. There’s a feeling among some investors, however, that the best financial mind is the independent mind. And while there are some people who have a lot of financial success without involving many other people, there is nearly no one who truly goes it alone. Beyond a certain point, becoming wealthy is a team sport. For this reason, companies like John Hancock have been helping people better use and grow their money for generations. As Managers of Managers (the theme of their new ad campaign), John Hancock shows the thoughtfulness they bring to the financial decisions they help implement. The thought is that they are the ones who give the advice to the best money managers in the world, they believe this is certainly the case. No great financial mind is an island unto itself. ...

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