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If You’re Gonna Talk the Talk……..

achieving financial goals

  We’ve all heard the expression, “Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk”, meaning that sometimes people talk a really good game but often don’t follow through with any action It’s very easy to say what sounds the best, but the hard part comes when an actual decision has to be made to achieve results, especially if you haven’t been honest with yourself before starting the talk. Tiny House Oxymoron One of my favorite things to do when we stay in hotels is watch HGTV, the only real thing I miss since cutting the cord. As it turns out on a recent weekend trip, they were doing back to back episodes of Tiny House Builders, a show where people trade in traditional housing to live in super small, portable, tiny houses. The couple in one of the episodes wanted to build a tiny house as a way to inflict less of a footprint on the world and to minimize the need for consumerism in their lives. Noble causes indeed, until they ran into some snags. Many tiny homes are made with pine or cedar shingles because of their light weight, but the couple on HGTV chose to go with reclaimed ...

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