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Be Careful Who You Trust When It Comes To Money Advice

taking bad advice could cause years of retirement

We are all  looking for ways to make money and use it to its fullest potential in order to achieve our goals. You would like assume that money publications know what they are talking about, but be careful who you trust when it comes to money advice. Don’t Write A Letter To Money Magazine! I subscribe to exactly one publication, Money Magazine. Like any other resource, some of the content is helpful, some irrelevant, and sometimes, advice seems way off base. I’m sure Money tries to appeal to the most broad target demographic, those who will likely work until their sixties or beyond and retire with a nice 401(k) balance. This month, one reader story jumped out at me. It was from Carlos,  a 38 year old high school assistant principal. He lives in Southern California with his wife, a former dental assistant who currently stays home with their two young children. His goal was to retire at age 55 when he would be eligible for a pension of $52,000 a year. Now, we obviously don’t get the whole life story in a one page article, but to me, it seems he and his family are doing fairly well. This ...

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