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6 Apps That Manage Your Money For You

Managing money is a daunting task, especially when dealing with complex forces in the market and the rules governing different investment plans. Thus, many people choose to leave matters in in the capable hands of a financial planner. Of course, such services, though effective, are often pricey and aren’t necessarily accessible if you’re strapped for time or on the go. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a miniature financial planner you could carry around in your pocket? Whenever you’d find yourself needing money advice, you could just pluck him out and stand him up in the palm of your hand, and he’d tackle all of your concerns. Modern science has yet to perfect the miniaturized, portable professional, but for the time being if you own a smart phone you’ve got the next best thing. Next time you find yourself in need of money management with speed, convenience, and thriftiness in mind, check out a few of these useful apps. Mint Quickview       Image via iTunes If this is your first try at budgeting or financial planning, this appetizing app is a perfect tool to help you get started. What Mint Quickview offers is simple but effective. The ...

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