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5 Top Money Tips for Women

money tips for women

It is said that money rules the world. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it does seem to rule relationships. It can cause disagreements and even divorce or separation when opinions differ about how finances should be handled. Women who are married are almost always at a disadvantage to their spouses or partners when it comes to money. Their husbands usually make more and oftentimes control the money in the relationship. As a result, women get less exposure to handling finances, investing, and saving. Regardless of the reasons women don’t manage money as often as men, they do need to correct the issue. One way is to do this is to use these money tips for women. 1. Make Your Own Money If you are married, one way you can keep marital bliss is to make your own money. That way even if a portion of it goes toward the household bills you still have some money for your own use. For instance, let’s say something happens to your spouse and he can no longer work. If you have a job already, maybe you could ask for more hours to help cover expenses. Or, you might ...

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