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What To Do If You Hate Your Job

Things you can do if you hate your job

Is Friday at 5PM your absolute best moment of the week? Do you find yourself not enjoying Sunday afternoons because you’re already thinking about having to work the next day? Do you spend a good portion of your time and energy complaining about your job? Are you completely stressed out because you feel trapped in a job or career that isn’t what you thought it would be? What do you do if you hate your job? Do You Really Hate Your Job? Before you write off your job completely, figure out why you hate it. Is it because you aren’t being challenged? Are you being challenged too much? Are you missing time with your family? Do you have to work with difficult people all day? Make a list of all the reasons why it seems that you hate your job. When I did this, I found out that I don’t actually hate my job. I just hated the amount of time it took me away from doing other things. Make Changes That Will Make Your Job Better If you hate your job because of a horrible co-worker, can you move to another department or change schedules? If you hate your ...

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What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

December was a month of insanity at our house. Not only were we dealing with all the holiday hooplah, everything that I put into motion over 2 years ago has come to a crescendo all within three weeks time! Earlier in the month, I signed closing documents on the purchase of a commercial building, and we sold our share of a potential nightmare investment to get out of the house flipping business. While those were big deals, the biggest happens today when I sign documents to sell my optometry practice. After 11 years of being a small business owner, if all goes as planned,  I’m out of the game. How Does It Feel? Surprisingly, it feels very neutral. I am a bit sad in some ways, and happy in others. There are good and bad things about being the boss. When I hatched this plan in late 2010, we were drowning in debt. I was burned out, but it really felt like I was trapped in the cycle of working crazy hours to pay the bills. The concept of multiple streams of income had never crossed my radar. My business had always made good money, so why on earth would I ...

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