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How We Lost $6000 in Student Loan Forgiveness

May is the first month in well over a decade when the Eyes on the Dollar household hasn’t had to make a student loan payment. While we certainly took our eyes off the dollar in paying those loans back, I wanted to share some final thoughts on student loans and why I think it’s important to consider all of your options before you do something big like consolidating or even paying them off. We’ve made our share of financial mistakes, but a huge one was losing $6000 because we consolidated the wrong loans. Hopefully you can use our mistakes to save yourself some serious money. Student Loan Forgiveness If you work full time in certain occupations, you could be eligible for loan forgiveness. Keep in mind, this is for the US only, and I don’t have enough room to include all the details. You’ll need to research them if one seems like it could work for you. Public Service Loan Forgiveness– This is the newest loan forgiveness program that was put into place in 2007. Basically if you work for the federal, state, or local government or for a tax exempt non-profit organization, you could be eligible for this program. ...

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