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Should I Consider Getting No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

This is a post from DW at No Exam Life Insurance Guide. You might also know him as My Money Design. Enjoy! I have a confession: I hate needles. I hate having my blood drawn. I don’t know what it is, but the less I have to go to the doctor, the better. So is it any wonder that I would be so apprehensive about getting “poked” for something as simple as getting life insurance? As silly as that may sound, I’m sure you could cite this as one of the main reasons why many adults do not obtain life insurance on their own. And that’s a tragedy. Life insurance inherently is supposed to help and protect us against financial disaster in case the worst happens. So how come something that is supposed to be good for us hurts so much to get? Fortunately the industry has some smart alternatives to help alleviate this fear – and it’s called a no medical exam life insurance policy. What Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance? You have probably wondered at some point if it’s possible to obtain life insurance without having to go through a medical exam. Perhaps you just need some ...

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