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When Is It Time To Think About a New Car?

Rednecks on a road trip

I’m not sure what it is about Flagstaff, Arizona, but there seems to be a car trouble magnet floating around the general vicinity. It seems like a nice town, but we can’t seem to get through there without some sort of road trip malady. Our recent Thanksgiving trip was no exception. Our vehicles are getting older, and I expect things to go wrong from time to time, but when do you know when it’s time to think about a new car? We’ve only been on the right financial path for a few years, so this is our first foray into owning higher mileage vehicles. Currently our garage holds Jim’s 2006 Toyota Tacoma with about 150K miles and our becoming less trustworty by the moment, 2008 Altima, with just over 130K miles. The Altima is our main travel car because of it’s good gas mileage, and it has a DVD player! Fred Sanford Would Have Been Proud Nissans are pretty reliable, and I expect this one to make it to at least 200K miles before we part ways, but it seems to have some sort of problem on most of our road trips these days. A couple of summers ago, we ...

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