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How Far Do You Follow The Impossible Dream?

following a dream

One of my guilty pleasure shows is The Voice on NBC. Even though the show hasn’t really produced huge stars outside of the country artists, it’s still fun to watch. I’ve never been interested in American Idol or most talent shows on TV, but there is something about The Voice. Maybe it’s the big spinning chairs, but I’ve watched just about every season that has aired so far. One thing that sort of bothers me, though, is how many of the contestants seem to have families or have left behind something solid to pursue a music career. I’m all about making your dream happen, but how far do you go to pursue the impossible dream? Drop Out of School For a Dream? I remember one contestant from a few seasons ago who dropped out of medical school to be on The Voice. Another time, there was a mother/daughter duo whose family had sold their home so that they could perform and travel. This year, one of the hopefuls is a gentleman whose wife is currently pregnant with their 6th child. I’m not sure how much if anything you get paid to be on a reality TV show, but I’m sure ...

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