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Adding Diversity to Retirement Investments

diversity in retirement

Adding diversity to retirement investments is the key to weathering ups and downs in the market and greater overall economy. While some combination of stocks, bonds, and cash should probably make up the bulk of retirement portfolios, adding a few alternative asset classes can help keep balances up during traditional stock market downturns.  There are several types of alternative investments outside traditional stock and bond funds. Precious Metals Many investors consider precious metals to be an investment to hedge against inflation and an unstable economy. During recent recession years, gold and precious metals have certainly held their value while other investments were all over the charts. There are a few ways to invest in precious metals. If you have a vault or other secure storage space, bars and coins known as bullion can be purchased, but this is not always a practical solution for most investors due to the difficulty of transport. It also might be difficult to find a buyer if a quick sale was necessary. Probably the easiest way to add this type investment to your portfolio is by purchasing funds such as a gold IRA retirement account. Gold IRA’s can be new or established by rolling over ...

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Peer Lending

truths about peer lending

This post is from Joseph Hogue who is a Chartered Financial Analyst and blogs about peer lending and crowdfunding. He’s helping me out while I am off visiting my kinfolks in Kentucky! If you haven’t heard much about peer lending yet, odds are that you soon will. Though the industry has been around since before the financial crisis, it has only just become popular over the last couple of years. Now the largest peer lending platform in the world, Lending Club, is issuing shares on the New York Stock Exchange and the media is all over the story. Despite the media attention, there are still quite a few misconceptions about peer lending and what it might mean for investors and borrowers. In my conversations with investors and borrowers, I’ve heard time and again three pervasive myths that keep people from using this revolutionary new form of finance.  Peer Lending Myth #1: Peer Lending is only for People with Bad Credit This one couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the minimum credit score for borrowers on the two major peer lending platforms is 640 with an average score of 726 across all borrowers. A little over a fifth of ...

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