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Lessons From Three Years of Blogging

three years of blogging

I’ve learned lots of lessons from three years of blogging. Some of them I probably knew intuitively, but blogging has provided tons of concrete examples since starting my journey into the personal finance community. Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is to take action. Wanting, hoping, and planning only get you so far. If you want to achieve success, you have to move forward. Here are some of the biggest lessons learned from three years of blogging. Consumer Debt is Holding You Back For years, we fell right in with the 70 percent of Americans who feel debt is a necessity in their lives. As long as we could afford the payment, we could afford the purchase, right? The problem with consumer debt is how much it limits choices and freedoms. Once your whole paycheck is eaten up by monthly payments, you have no option other than to keep slogging away. Forget trying self employment or taking a month off to travel. You aren’t able to take on anything remotely risky, and heaven forbid you actually lose a job or suffer a pay cut! Debt also gets in the way of setting ambitions goals. The thoughts of passive ...

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