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Personal Finance Needs Personal Attention

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There is never a bad time to sit down and assess your financial position. It is fine to plan, make some decisions and implement them. The problem is if circumstances change. Where would the person be who took out a huge mortgage just before the Collaterized Debt Obligation crisis if he couldn’t adapt to the crash? He certainly found himself with real estate valued far lower than it was when the mortgage was agreed. So let’s forget that resolutions are for New Year and look at some things that you should look at today, just to make sure you are on the right lines. Your Aims You need to know what your aims are in the short and medium term at least. In the short term you want to know you can meet your current commitments. In the medium term if you want to buy real estate or a new car you will need to be doing more than meeting your bills each month. It is particularly important for you to use your credit card for convenience and not see its outstanding balance building up month by month because you are overstretching yourself. Debt If you have debt have you ...

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #7

It’s the end of the week again and time for another roundup. While the weather is beautiful right now, we had a taste of winter earlier this week. I work a few times a month at a satellite office in Telluride and have to drive over Lizard Head Pass to get there. Lizard Head is well over 10,000 feet, so when it rains at lower elevations, I often have to drive through snow. It was a bit slushy on my way home this week, and I noticed a truck off the road. Luckily everyone was OK, but the truck that went over the bank was not going anywhere. Turns out the stranded drivers lived less than a mile from me, and I was able to give them a ride home. Strange way to make new friends! Giveaways you should check out: Michelle at Making Sense of Sense  is on WordPress now and, to celebrate, is giving away $100 in Paypal cash! Veronica at Pelican on Money got a new writer and is giving away 2 $25 PayPal cash prizes! Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is giving away a Fincon Swag Bag and tomorrow is the last day to ...

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