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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs # 20-I’d Rather Drive Edition

After two really horrible days of plane travel, we’re back from our family trip to Kentucky. I remember the days when air travel was kind of luxurious, but now it seem that livestock gets slightly better treatment during transport. At least on the departing flight, we received $600 in travel vouchers due to cancelled flights. On the return trip, we got an apology from United Airlines for packing us into a plane to sit for two hours because there weren’t enough baggage handlers to load luggage. Oh well, at least we made it safe and sound. It certainly makes road travel seem more appealing. I plan to get back into the blogger mindset this week. I barely turned on the computer while we were out of town. ┬áIt was a nice break, and my husband and I took advantage of having a Grandma around, as we got to go out to dinner and to see two movies that didn’t have any animated characters!

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