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Customer Service is Alive and Well at Qdoba?!?

I sometimes feel like customer service is dead. With airlines herding passengers through like cattle, bowling alleys not being nice on a kid’s birthday, and having to press fifteen options to get to speak to a customer service representative, it’s easy to assume you are going to be treated with a frown and pushed out the door as quickly as possible. However, a recent experience at the fast food restaurant, Qdoba, has reassured me that customer service is alive and well. Our favorite new place to eat when we go to Farmington, NM is Qdoba. If  you haven’t been, it’s like Subway for Mexican food. Your order is perpared on demand, and you then you go through the line and pick which toppings you want. On a recent trip to Qdoba, I had a $25 gift card that had been used once. I believe it might have had somewhere in the $7-$9 range left. Our total bill was just over $18. I pulled out the gift card to use first, but it wouldn’t scan. You know the feeling when the line is backing up and whatever you are trying to do at the register doesn’t work. The cashier called the ...

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