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How to Make Sure Your Kids Will Be Broke

We finally got around to watching the Queen of Versailles earlier this week. I put it in my Netflix queue after reading Holly’s post. She really summarizes this documentary better than I could, but to recap, Queen of Versailles follows the Siegels, owners of the largestĀ  time share company in the world in 2007. Talk about opulent lifestyles, most of us could never dream of having or even knowing about many of the things the Siegels consider normal. Even when timeshares tanked after the financial crash, and they had to stop building their 90,000 square foot mansion, their lifestyle was still better than most people in this country, yet they failed to appreciate any of it. The thing that really stood out to me was how screwed up their kids are going to be. If you want to make sure your kids will be broke, you should do exactly as the Siegels. Since the Siegels have seven children plus a niece who lives with them, they will be sending eight adults into the world someday who will have no sense or realization about money at all. It’s really sad because at least Mr. and Mrs. Siegel come from modest backgrounds ...

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