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Would You Stay Frugal If You Won The Lottery?

  This is a post from regular contributor, Kyle James. Enjoy! I recently read an article recently on the Business Week website about a guy name Jack Whittaker who in 2002 won the $314 million dollar PowerBall lottery and opted for the one time lump payment of $93 million. Pretty lucky guy, right? Absolutely ruined him. Everyone wanted money from him. He lost his so-called friends. He couldn’t trust anyone. His wife left him. He hung out at strip clubs. Drank like a fish. Ugly stuff. The interesting thing was that he was already a very successful entrepreneur before he hit the big jackpot. Speaks to the benefits of hard work and “making it” on your own. So this made me think, “Would I remain frugal if I won the lottery?” I like to think I would. Sure, I would upgrade some things. Pay off the car and the house. Maybe take the family to Europe in a couple years. But real frugality is a choice to conserve and seek out value, not done because of situation. I know many people that started being frugal because of circumstance and stayed that way when they came out of debt because it ...

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6 Ways To Be a Smarter Shopper

  Let’s face the music, retailers are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to separate you from your hard-earned money. Some strategies are patently obvious and some are very subtle. In either case, it is important that you raise your awareness in order to avoid falling prey to their tactics. With that said, here are six strategies to ensure you become a smarter shopper. 1. Beware of Warranties and Rebates Let’s start with extended warranties. Be aware that buying an extended warranty on new consumer electronics is historically a bad move. Take for example a new $400 television. In order for the $50 extended warrant to be a smart move, the probability it will breakdown has to be much greater than the chance you can’t afford to fix or replace it. For the major majority of shoppers, insuring a $400 TV does not justify the possible risk of it breaking down. Also, there is obviously a reason the sales folks at Best Buy relentlessly push extended warranties. They are major money makers for them and they wish all consumers would buy them. Believe me, they have run the numbers and clearly know they are sucker bets for us shoppers. Don’t ...

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6 “Money Saving” Tips That Really Stink

(A quick thanks to Kim for letting me be a regular contributor on her terrific blog. I hope to bring a little levity, some frugal living tips, and maybe even a coupon or two that you can use to save some money.) Having been blogging since 2007, I think I have heard every single piece of financial and money saving advice. Some are absolutely brilliant and some really stink. Today I want to take six of the stinkiest and hopefully debunk them once and for all. (A lot of this is personal opinion so please feel free to disagree in the comments!)   1. Brick in the Toilet This tip is courtesy of my Dad, who is without a doubt the most frugal guy I know. A few years ago he told me about the “water saving” technique of putting a brick in the tank of the three toilets at his house (insert joke here!) and how much water it’s going to save him over the course of a year. I, being the type of guy who‘s always looking to save a buck or two, tried it with my toilets. The end result was a brick that was disintegrating and ...

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4 Money Saving Resolutions for 2013

Since I’m still on vacation, I have another great guest post today. If you would like to submit a guest post, please read the guidelines and contact me. I get a lot of satisfaction in finding ways to cut costs every month  It amazes me how many simple ways there are to save money in everyday life. Most of which really aren’t sacrifices at all and just require some time and patience to implement. If you consider yourself frugal by nature or are forced to cut expenses to try and get out of debt you’ll find these tips helpful. Here are my four favorites for 2013. Reduce Cable/Satellite TV Costs Tired of paying upwards of $60 a month for 250 channels and still can’t find anything worth watching? Call your satellite TV or cable provider and tell them you want to cancel your service. Typically, they will quickly transfer you to their “Customer Retention” department whose sole job is to keep you from cancelling. They know that once you cancel it’s going to be very difficult to get you back. Because of this, they will offer you a reduced bill which is often similar to their introductory package. If you ...

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