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Transformative Perspectives for Wealth Management in Singapore

Singapore wealth management

Wealth managers deal with financial planning, portfolio securities, and an array of financial services. Typical clients include small business owners and high-net-worth individuals.  Many traditional management firms serve as product providers, offering clients a buffet of securities and financial services. Transformative wealth management in Singapore focuses on offering financial solutions to customers. Managers assess customer needs, set major priorities, and provide a plan. Effective companies enact transformative change in several key areas. Changing Markets Today’s emerging markets are growing faster than established markets. The drive to secure a new market target and evolve the opportunity into a revenue-generating cash cow has given way to a focus on the evolution itself, the ability to identify fast-moving market windows, and a strategy to garner faster returns. Agility for wealth management in Singapore is key. For instance, a slow market response to changing demographics has created a provider gap for female consumers. Experts estimate that women comprise as much as a third of the client base, but are served by only 8% of the provider firms. Next Generation Clients Many investors find that the family portfolios focus on the financial needs of the patriarch and are not necessarily suitable for the spouses or ...

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