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The Royal Family Of Building Wealth

royal family of wealth

Building wealth is an impressive goal and how we go about achieving that goal is incredibly important. Since the real royal world is busy with baby watch, I thought we’d make up our own kingdom today. Do you want to be the king or queen wealth builder or do you just want a place in courtyard? Let’s look at some steps that make up the royal family of building wealth to see where you rank in the hierarchy. Queen of Wealth In support of gender equality, the queen gets to go first today. The queen of wealth has to be income. Without it, there’s really no hope of ever being financially secure. It might be fun to joke about quitting work to go on the dole, but no one really wants that option. Most people get income from some sort of employer. Steady paychecks can be wonderful things, but you rarely have control of your income after accepting a job. There might be promotions or raises, but all in all, you’re takin’ what there givin’ if you’re working for a livin’. I think that’s why freelancing appeals to so many people in the financial community. It’s more risky, but you ...

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