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4 Ways to Stretch Your Meal Money

stretch your meal money

Almost everybody’s budget gets tight now and then. And it usually happens that the low balance in your checking account matches the limited amount of food in your pantry. But what can you do to make it until the next time you get paid? There are many ways to stretch your meal money. Here are easy ways I’ve used to stretch my meal money in the past until my next paycheck arrived. Inventory What You Have on Hand Sometimes there are items you forgot about in your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. Of course, some of these items might be stale or expired, so get rid of those first. Remember some of those dates are “sell by” dates, which means the food isn’t necessary bad. Watch out for those because the food might still be useable and you don’t want to waste it. Get Creative Now that you know what you already have, you’ve got a starting point.  Can you make some meals from what you have on hand? If not, would you be able to if you purchased only a few items? At times you will need to be creative, such as adding ham to mac and cheese to make ...

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Awesome, Easy Ways We Saved Over $2000 Last Year

2013 was our first year in over a decade without consumer debt. While we originally started saving money to try and pay off  credit card bills, once we saw how awesome it was to have extra money, we just couldn’t stop. Here are some great, painless ways we saved money last year. Hopefully some of these might help you if you are looking to stash some cash. Cut Cable or Satellite TV– I am so sad to say that we didn’t do this years ago. For the roughly $850 a year we were spending on Dish Network, we could have paid off our debt earlier, but hindsight is 20/20. Honestly, the only thing we missed that hurt just for a second was when Jim was unable to watch the BCS final that was on last week. We are not Auburn or Florida State fans, but it was kind of an annual tradition to watch the last game. I asked if it was worth getting satellite TV back for sporting events and he answered with a resounding NO. We have been able to watch more then we need on Netfilx, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Instant Video. Sign Up for Store Coupons, ...

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Save Money on Groceries-How to use a Value Card

As many of you may know, I started on a quest to dramatically lower my grocery bills in the latter half of 2012. Thanks to my good pal, Mr. CBB and the Grocery Game Challenge, I have been able to lower my grocery budget from between $500-$600/month to $350/month. The main reason is because I really make an effort to track my purchases. By knowing that I will post them for the world to see, it makes me think twice before I buy a cart full of donuts and deli fried chicken. That being said, I don’t spend tons of time thinking about groceries. One of the best and easiest tools to help cut grocery spending is to use store value cards. I assumed everyone knew about value cards and how they worked, but apparently they may not offer these everywhere. To unlock the mystery of the value card for those who are unfamiliar and to make sure those of you with value cards are using them to their fullest capacity, I’ll share my tips.

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