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If the Shoe Fits: Online Shopping Tips to Save Time and Money

online shopping tips to save money

How can millions of online shoppers be wrong?  While faithful brick-and-mortar consumers seek shoes, enjoying the ambiance and occasion, and continue to shop online, the temptation and convenience filling a closet through online purchases can’t be denied. Shopping online saves time, money, and you can be done anywhere.  However, when it comes to clothing, especially shoes, getting the right size is an added concern.  It’s no problem to buy a movie online but you may have to send clothing items of the wrong size back. If having the shoe fit is the only thing keeping you from buying shoes online, consider the following.  Buy Two and Keep One Most online retailers have no-fuss return policies, so it may be easier to buy two pairs and keep the one that fits best.  Furthermore, if you don’t mind someone else showing off the same style, keep one pair as a present for a slightly larger or smaller footed friend or family member.  Measuring the DIY Way Trying on a shoe of the wrong size is an inconvenience easily fixed in a store but it’s more important to know your size when shopping online.  To avoid guessing or choosing the wrong size, simply ...

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