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How to Start & Maintain your Savings In 7 Steps

While the average person understands that saving money for later is a great habit, many still fall short of their goals and expectations. The simple root of their failure is in a weak foundation and poor habits, and improving these two areas will certainly lead to successful savings. The following seven tips are designed to empower and enlighten those that seek the countless benefits of stashing cash for later. Step One: Start a Savings Account The easiest way to begin a successful lifetime of intelligent saving is to create a simple savings account. By having an account that is specifically for the purpose of saving money, the idea of saving will become a reality as opposed to an idea. Those that already own a savings account must make a committed decision to take that account as seriously as possible. Step Two: Create a Basic Saving Plan Creating a savings plan can be one of the easiest ways to achieve the goal of a healthy financial cushion. By creating a clear outline of the action required to succeed, failure and success will be easy to measure. Without a plan, it is extremely difficult to stay focused on clear goal or measure ...

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5 Tips for Saving Money in the New Year

  With the New Year right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about saving money. There are several things you can do right now to reduce your overall spending, and increase your savings. With a little bit of determination and organization you will be able to cut back on some spending and save a lot of money over time.  They more you are able to save now, the more financially stable you will become by the end of the year. Below is a look at the top five tips for saving money in the New Year. 1.    Set Budget If you do not already have a budget in place, it is crucial that you create a workable budget. This budget should detail all of your expenses, including housing, transportation, medical, food, clothing, and miscellaneous. You also want to track your spending to make sure that you are spending within your budget. 2.    Add Raise to Savings If you were fortunate enough to have received a raise this year, why not put it into your savings account instead of spending it? This will not provide you with any less money than you had this year, so ...

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Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Keep More Of The Cash You Have

In a struggling economy, many people are looking for new ways to decrease their spending habits and save more of their income to stretch every dollar that they have. Fortunately, there are many practical ways to save more cash to ensure a more flexible budget. By practicing new habits and techniques, it can be easy to save more on a daily basis. 1. Use Coupons Cutting coupons is a great way to save up to hundreds of dollars a month on basic groceries and household items for an easy way to reduce the cost of necessities. Many blogs and websites post the latest coupons and deals for great ways to save each day. Use inserts from the Sunday newspaper to obtain the best coupons, as well as finding them online. Check out this guide on effectively making use of coupons. By pairing a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon, the savings can be doubled for name brand products that will make it easy to get more bang for your buck. 2. Reduce Your Energy Use Energy bills can fluctuate drastically throughout the year, making it important to reduce your energy usage, especially in the warmer months. Use light blocking shades ...

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Maybe First Graders Should Run the Government

I don’t want to get into a huge political discussion on a Friday, but I”m sure everyone is well aware of the US government shut down this week. I also don’t need to get into the reasons why in great detail, but basically, the United States government can’t seem to practice good life and financial skills that many first graders know. I’ll use my own darling 6 year old as a prime example of why maybe first graders should be running the government. We learned lots from her in kindergarten, and now, here are some recent conversations from a first grader’s point of view. Money On Tuesday morning Jim and I were discussing the government shutdown when our daughter asked a few questions. Here is that conversation. Daughter: “What is the government, Mommy?’ Me: “It’s the President and the people elected to run our country. They spent more money than they had and had to close up because they are broke.” Daughter: “Well that’s stupid. You can’t buy things if you don’t have enough money! You remember that show we used to watch? (Referring to Suze Orman before we cancelled our satellite TV) Maybe they need to watch Suze. She ...

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3 Ways to Create a Culture of Savings in Your Home

You might not have the time or ambition to be an “extreme couponer,” but there’s no reason why you can’t cultivate a culture of savings in your home. With convenience driving a lot of peoples’ decisions these days, it’s no wonder that Americans are having a tough time saving money. In fact, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, 75 percent of Americans don’t have enough money to cover their bills for six months. There’s a high premium on convenience. Here’s how to turn the tide and save more money:  Cultivate Family Values In order to get your family on board with you, you need to cultivate certain values that all family members can agree on. If there’s no common purpose for saving money, your family will be reluctant to make any changes – let along major changes – to their spending habits. Everyone in your family must see the significance and importance of changing their spending behaviors. For kids, they must be taught, in simple terms, what it means to save money. They must be taught the benefits and consequences of spending money, and why there is a value in saving. Maybe you and your family really ...

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