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Pros and Cons of Store Loyalty Cards

store loyalty cards

How many store loyalty cards do you carry around in your wallet or purse at any given time? According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, the average number per person is 13.4. But, only half of them are actively being used. Personally, I too carry a few different store loyalty cards in my wallet. Over the years, however, I have learned to use them in moderation in order to keep my budget in line and expenses down. Although it seems like store loyalty cards can be a good way to save money and earn special perks, they do have some cons too. Here are the pros and cons of using store loyalty cards. Pros: 1. Save Money Many people believe that store loyalty cards save them a lot of money. I think that can be true in some cases. For example, if a product you are going to buy anyway from a certain store will be cheaper if you start using their loyalty program, by all means sign up. In addition, if you have the room to store extra non-perishable items and can buy them at a significant discount through the use of a store loyalty card it might be ...

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What Would You Do With $500?

using an extra $500

I love to find articles about the best ways to use an amount of cash. No matter what your financial beliefs, there are basically four ways to use money: spend it, save it, invest it, give it away. The good folks at Mt Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka, AK are giving me $600 for meals next week while I’m working at their clinic. Unless I make lots of friends and go out every night, I’ll probably get most of my food from the grocery or as take out since I hate eating in restaurants by myself. I’m guessing that will probably take about $100. That leaves me five Benjamins to use however I want. What would you do with $500? Spend It If I had consumer debt, I’d probably use my extra $500 toward paying it off. $500 is not chump change, and gaining a windfall to put toward debt can be a great shot in the arm to sustain motivation toward debt payoff goals. Since I don’t have that type debt anymore, I could use this money to spend on holiday gifts or for our trip to Mexico that’s coming up next month. We also need a new couch in ...

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September 2012 Goals

September looks to be a very busy month. We are working like mad to get our rental property ready for by October 1. Vision Expo West is being held the same weekend as FinCon. It is the optometrist equivalent of the blogger conference, a bunch of nerdy professional eyeball people looking to possibly learn something and party like the age they think wish they still were. I also remembered that I have scheduled a yard sale later this month, mostly to sell old office furniture before the sale of my business.  I have a couple of other people joining me, so I can’t cancel. I usually do my best work when I’m severely overscheduled. We’ll see if I can keep all the plates spinning. Let’s take a look back at last month’s goals. Blog Goals 1. Publish content at least four times a week until I have 30 posts done. Pass. I’ll keep this goal the same, but it will get harder because of the other things going on. Wish me luck. 2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week. Blew it out of the water. I love doing this. I’ll also keep this one the same with the above caveats. 3.Learn ...

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