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Halloween Humor: Random Things I’m Scared Of

If you read my weekly roundups, you might have seen a few of these already. I never know whether to do a serious post for holidays or not, so for Halloween, this is what you get. If you need a dose of personal finance, go read something at Work Save Live. Jason always has great stuff and is hosting a giveaway for his one year blogiversary! Things That Really Scare Me Spiders. I know they eat flies, and I have a soft spot for Charlotte’s Web, but still. Log Trucks. Afraid the logs will roll off into my car. Anything that Turns from a Liquid to a Solid at Room Temperature. I had to leave the South because I was scared of gravy.  Birds. I have been bitten by a parrot, attacked by a chicken, and pooped on by some exotic bird in Florida. They are all out to get me. Neurologists. It is scary that anyone can be that smart, and if I need to go see one, that is scary in another way. Running out of Toilet Paper. If I don’t have at least a four pack, I honestly get anxious. Teenagers. I will have one in 8 years. I better get over this. The Fiscal ...

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