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How To Graduate College Totally Debt Free

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Each year college is becoming increasingly expensive. The costs of a college education today are 500% greater that they were in the 1980s. Today’s children will be paying tuition totaling $70k – $80k for an out-of-state public school. That’s just tuition. Fees, books and living expenses will more than double the cost. Students are graduating school with tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in debt and it’s just going to get worse. For the diligent student, though, it’s still very possible to graduate from a great school totally debt free. Not only does that help your finances, it’s helps your career. Without the burden of massive student loan debt after graduation, you can focus on finding the right job not the one that is going to pay your debt off the quickest. How is that possible? If you can graduate without accumulating student loans, why don’t more people do it? It takes work. But the work is worth it. Cutting Your Tuition Bill in Half (or More) The cost of an in-state public college is half that of a private school on average. On the extreme ends of the spectrum, the difference is dramatic. An education at ...

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A Valedictorian’s Advice On How to Raise a Scholarship Kid

What is the dream of every parent? I would imagine that it would be something to the effect of making sure your children become honest, productive members of society. Aside from that, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your kid went to college with a scholarship? Not every child will or should attend college, but if you want yours to have the best possible opportunity to go to college on a scholarship, you have to start early. I am not one to brag about myself, but after reading Do You Flaunt It? on My Money Design, I thought, why not? I am not very musical, terribly creative, or athletically gifted, but I always did well in school. When I was a freshman in high school, I decided I would be valedictorian and get a scholarship for college, and that’s what I did. My parents started grooming my sister and me for college since before we can remember. College was like 13th grade, and we never considered not going. Both Sis and I now hold doctorate degrees, and I thank my Mom and Dad for being tough on us. As a mother, I hope to do the same with my daughter. Here are some steps you might consider if ...

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