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Pricing Your Home to Sell: Market, Listings and Sales

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  The successful sale of a home is dependent on a number of factors, but many of them involve good timing.  The listing price of a house for sale in inescapably associated to fortunate timing. Theoretically, there is no regulation on setting a price for one’s home.  It could be priced at $1 or $1,000,000,000,000, yet buyer interest depends on price, comparisons, the kind of ‘market,’ etc. Before publicly listing your home, consider the following sentiments.  Setting a High Price Ideally, a seller wants to get more than expected for their home in less time than expected.  More realistically, a seller must set a price depending on factors such as square footage of house as well as other houses (of the same size) within the home’s immediate neighborhood. Also, as suggested in the introduction, the element of good timing is integral to securing a successful sale.  Set an initial price a bit too high, and buyers with options grow skittish, prolonging the amount of time a home is on the market.  The longer a home on the market, the less leverage the seller has in enchanting excited buyers.  Speaking to a Professional or Peruse Literature Setting a strategic asking price ...

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