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House Selling Using Social Media, Does it Work?

The following is a guest post. If you would like to submit a guest post, please contact me.  There comes a point in everyone’s life when an unused object or gadget must be sold. Back in the stone ages (when there was no internet) this could be a painfully tedious task! When the internet was born, some entrepreneurs came up with their own ideas on how to make this process easier, and buy and sell websites, such as Ebay and Amazon, were born. Cellphones, gaming consoles, furniture, stuffed toys, cars, autographed basketball cards, pets, clothes, and Britney Spears’ hair are all examples of what you could commonly see on these retail websites. Though these items don’t seem to be of use to their owners anymore, they are not necessarily completely devoid of value. In fact, many people may actually find these items as treasures! Yes, even Britney’s hair! What happens when you have to sell something BIG? Literally. Like say… a house? Add in the fact that the real estate business is not exactly at its finest right now. Is the internet still the place to turn  for help? Can you actually put a “House for Sale” sign in cyberspace? ...

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