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Selling A Car on Consignment

Selling a Civic on Consignemnt

  We have been a three car family for about two years. I know,  aren’t there only two drivers in my house? Why do we need three cars? It was kind of a failed experiment and now it’s time to sell the third car. I was all ready to put it on Craig’s list, until I almost had an aneurysm thinking about all the weirdos I’d have to deal with, so we decided to sell our car on consignment. The Failed Experiment Our last car purchases before we got serious about our money were a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that Jim drives, and my 2008 Nissan Altima. We love having a truck. It allows us to get out of our driveway on snowy days and takes me to work over the mountain pass when I have to work in Telluride during the winter. We can also pull our pop up camper and drive over all the 4WD roads in Southwest Colorado. If we lived in the city, it might be frivolous, but life in rural Colorado is much easier with a truck. Said truck gets crappy gas mileage, and, unfortunately, we drive a lot. Two years ago, a work colleague of ...

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