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Quick Ways to Pay Off Short Term Debt

pay off debt fast

We’ve all been in situations when an unexpected expense takes us by surprise. Whether it’s a trip to the emergency room, a car repair, or a leaky roof, some emergencies have to be dealt with immediately. Having an adequate emergency fund is always the best way to handle life’s unplanned events, but it isn’t always possible to cover every situation, especially if they all seem to hit at the same time. If you’ve had to take on debt, either with credit cards or through short term loans like from car title loans Ohio, here are some quick ways to pay off short term debt. Sell Things From Around the House Odds are, there is something around the house that can be sold to help pay off debt. If it’s been awhile since you’ve done a thorough de-cluttering, now is the time. Things of value include gold jewelry, kid’s clothing that is in good shape, anything that is a designer brand, electronics, video games, cameras, sporting equipment, and furniture. Having a weekend yard sale could bring in a few hundred dollars while selling your Grandma’s old antique kitchen table on Craig’s List might score big bucks. Don’t let sentimental value get ...

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