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One Experiment That Will Make You Hundreds of Dollars This Week While Increasing Your Well Being

selling your stuff to make money

This post is from Simon Cave at The Becomer. Enjoy! As human being we always tend to want more. More money, more fame, more power, more attention, more recognition, more muscles… We think that more equals more fulfillment and happiness in our life. Truth is, it’s not always the case. Here are a couple of example that prove it: You want to leave your tiny apartment and buy a house that’s a little above your means.  As a result, you struggle every month to pay for your mortgage. Your mortgage is such a financial burden that you can’t afford to travel, to go out, to offer gifts to your loved ones. Because you wanted more, you are now trapped. You want to make more money so you work more at the office to get promoted. You go to work earlier and stay up late to accomplish more. As a consequence you spend less time with your family, which will probably lead to certain issues in the future. Always wanting more doesn’t bring balance into your life. We have to learn to integrate “the less” in our life, and it all starts by experiencing it.  Experimenting “the less” this week The ...

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